Current Conditions

Jun 26, 2017 Lava Update:  Fabulous hot flows right now, our tours are open, book now!  We would like to apologize for any inconvenience, but due to recent feedback from the Hawaiian community, we have begun the process of changing the company’s name and will no longer poke sticks into the lava on our tours.  We are looking at these changes as an opportunity to show our respect for Hawaiian culture and would like to apologize for any difficulty or inconvenience that our company’s name has caused for those that have strong cultural ties to madam pele.

View our Hot Hot Lava Tour!

Thrilling Lava Adventures 

  • Call 808.987.3456 for times and availability
  • Private Parking within Feet of the Lava Fields
  • Bathrooms within Feet of the Lava Fields
  • Miles of Lava Flows and Pristine Coastline
  • We Adapt Every Tour to our Groups Capabilities
  • Come and Stay on the Edge of an Active Volcano

 Safe, fun and memorable

  • Licensed and Insured, Safety is Our Priority
  • Over 20 Years of Lava Tour Experience
  • Heat Under Your Feet Lava Adventures
  • We tour on private land, right next to the lava
  • Thrilling, Once in a Lifetime Photographs

Current Conditions

Fabulous hot flows right NOW!!

Call Cheryl at 808.987.3456 for departure times and availability . Our goal is to walk right up to the red-hot lava!

This crazy and fun adventurous hike takes you over the old Kalapana  flows to the latest molten lava headed for the ocean. You hike off our private property with secured parking. 

What to Bring: Best to eat before you arrive.  Shorts or lite weight cargo pants, high top socks with hiking boots or sturdy athletic shoes. Sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses and lite rain jacket, 2 liters fluids per person, snacks or lite lunch.

How To Confirm: Please Contact Cheryl at 808-987-3456  To confirm all current tours. 

This is an adventure you won’t soon forget! A bucket list check off!  Remember were working with Mother Nature/ Madam Pele she controls the flows we just bring you to her. There are no guarantees since she makes the calls.

Have Fun! LAVA!!


Our experienced guides have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the active lava conditions, which enables them to provide a safe, fun and memorable lava adventure. We tour on private land  to the longest (33 years) active Volcano on earth, Kilauea. These surface flows can’t be seen from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park!

Poke a Stick has several tour types, each created to fit various schedules, abilities and interests.  Call now to book your tour 808-987-3456 ~  Mahalo, Scott and Cheryl

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